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AOE manufactures emulsifiers for soluble oils cutting oils rust preventive oils shuttering oil concrete mould releasing oil copper sulfate pentahydrate orchard spray oil fish oil soap sn 70 sn 150 transformer oil calcium petroleum sulfonates sodium petroleum sulfonates rust preventive oil pine oil Pitch is used as a cement emulsifier and to make products such as chemicals and biofuels Tall oil also has been marketed by some as an alternative fuel There are claims that it is biodegradable and produced from renewable resources so it is better for the environment than fossil fuels Claims have also been made that this substance can be used in conjunction with fossil fuels and biofuels or


Emulsifier Solvent Pine oil CAS# 8002-09-3 Cleaning agent Fragrance Potassium hydroxide CAS# 1310-58-3 pH adjuster processing aid Tetrasodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate CAS# 64-02-8 Chelant Colorant withheld as CBI The information contained herein has been compiled from sources considered accurate and reliable Since actual use conditions are beyond TMA's control no warranty

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Production of synthetic pine oil Download PDF Info Publication number US3415893A US3415893A US323206A US32320663A US3415893A US 3415893 A US3415893 A US 3415893A US 323206 A US323206 A US 323206A US 32320663 A US32320663 A US 32320663A US 3415893 A US3415893 A US 3415893A Authority US United States Prior art keywords sulfuric acid containing reaction aqueous sulfuric oil

Pine Oil + Sulfonic Acid

12 05 2020Pine oil is the fatty alcohol part having your disinfectant properties because of the presence of Terpenes It is immersible or insoluble in water Hence you got to go for a solubilizing group addition The LABSA part is the having the anionic sulphonic group By adding LABSA you are adding anionic group to pine oil Both being organic they get mixed to gether Now by adding caustic you are

Trade Name- PINE OIL SCENT Product Type-Chemical Family- Deodorant Formula-Pine Oil Emulsifier SECTION 2 - HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS CHEMICAL NAME / COMMON NAME CAS NO PERCENT (optional) OSHA STANDARDS ACGHI GUIDELINES None SECTION 3 - PHYSICAL DATA Boiling Point (F) 212 Specific Gravity (H2O = 1 0) 1 01 pH-9 Vapor Pressure-(mmHg) NE Vapor Density ( Air = 1)

Pine oil Emulsifier is mixed with Pine Oil in the ratio of 1 : 2 5 to get a Clear and Transparent Pine Oil Concentrate How to Use ? 1 Take 1 Kg Pine Oil Emulsifier and add 2 5 Kg of Pine Oil to it 2 Stir well to get a clear and transparent Pine Oil concentrate 3 Now your Pine Oil Concentrate is ready to be diluted with water in the ratio of 1:20 to 1:30 depending on the thickness

Additive 4101 is a mixture of oil derivaties blended with Pine Oil It is an Emulsifier Free Additive containing Polar as well Non-polar functional groups Use of Additive 4101 allows water incorporation in Oil based Coating System (High PVC Paints to enamal with slight reduction in gloss) Additive 4140 (Low Foaming Emulsifier Based Anionic Additive to incorporate Water in Alkyd based

additives like Specialized Lubricants Stocks Breakers loss Circulation material Dispersants fluid Loss Reducers Viscocifier and weighing agents Friendly Stuck Breaker) * Oil Mud Products: Gel Mul (Primary Emulsifier) Gel Trol (Asphaltic Fluid loss controller) Gel Wet (Secondary Emulsifier cum Wetting Agent) * Fuild Loss Control: Gel RX (Resinated Lignite) Gel Lignite (Lignite Powder

King Pine is a Heavy Duty / Multi Surface Cleaner that is made with natural pine oil and contains NO phosphorous leaving a long lasting fresh scent Commonly Used In Cleaning: + Kitchen Bathroom + Laundry + Industrial + Janitorial + Institutional + Farms In The Home: Cleans and deodorizes hard non-porous surfaces such as floors pet quarters garbage cans counter tops etc In The Kitchen

Pine oil–based compounds may contain small amounts of phenol derivatives The concentration of pine oil in disinfectant cleaners varies from 0 3% to 60% 18 Many "pine oil" cleaners marketed in the United States are pine scented but contain little or no actual pine oil so it is important to check the label on pine-scented cleaners Pine Sol one of the most widely used pine oil cleaners

Rosin is the resinous constituent of the oleo-resin exuded by various species of pine known in commerce as crude turpentine The separation of the oleo-resin into the essential oil (spirit of turpentine) and common rosin is accomplished by distillation in large copper stills The essential oil is carried off at a temperature of between 100 C (212 F) and 160 C (320 F) leaving fluid

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Why this is used in cosmetics: Used as a skin-conditioning agent and emulsifier 1/4 cup of oil such as sweet almond oil olive oil jojoba oil or avocado oil 2 Tablespoons coconut oil 1 Tablespoon beeswax 2 teaspoons shea butter 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Instructions: Pour the sweet almond oil beeswax coconut oil

Rosin is the resinous constituent of the oleo-resin exuded by various species of pine known in commerce as crude turpentine The separation of the oleo-resin into the essential oil (spirit of turpentine) and common rosin is accomplished by distillation in large copper stills The essential oil is carried off at a temperature of between 100 C (212 F) and 160 C (320 F) leaving fluid

EMPISOL PO--EMPISOL PO is a cost effective emulsifier for pine oil It gives a clear stable Concentrate with pine oil and a thick milky white stable emulsion when mixed with water The recommended dosage to emulsify pine oil is 10 parts EMPISOL PO for 90 parts of pine oil but can be optimised based on requirements HAND WASH We manufacture EMPINOL - HW is a liquid hand

emulsifier: PINE OIL 70%: oil - vegetable: cfr literature on biocidal effects: PINE OIL 90%: 8000-41-7: oil - vegetable: cfr literature on biocidal effects: PINE TAR TECHNICAL: 8011-48-1: oil - vegetable: POLYGLYCEROL CAPRYLATE: fatty esters: emulsifier: POLYGLYCEROL OLEATE: 9007-48-1: fatty esters: emulsifier: POLYGLYCEROL POLYRICINOLEATE : fatty esters: emulsifier:

Mineral Seal Oil: Mineral Spirits Low End Point: Mineral Spirits Odorless: Mineral Spirits Regular: Mineral Spirits Rule 66: Monoethanolamine 85%: Monoethanolamine 99%: Muriatic Acid-N-N-Methyl Pyrrolidone: N-Butyl Alcohol: N-Butyl Acetate: Neominox LA 4230: Nonylphenol Decoupage Grade: NPEL-128 Nan Ya: NPES-903-O-Orange Terpene -P-Paraffinic Oil 100: Paralux 6001R: PEG 400:

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