Product Safety Assessment Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether

The Company is not responsible for the content products services or practices of any third party websites including without limitation sites linked to or from the Web Site sites framed within the Web Site or third party advertisements and does not make representations regarding their quality content or accuracy The presence of links from the Web Site to any third party website does not Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether acetate (CAS# 112-15-2) CERCLA Reportable quantity: Silver (CAS# 7440-22-4) 1 000 lbs (454 kg) California Proposition 65: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other

SAFETY DATA SHEET Echo Floor Finish Printed: 05/18/2015

SAFETY DATA SHEET Product Code: Product Name: 111-90-0 Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether Proprietary 25265-77-4 Texanol Proprietary 78-51-3 Ethanol 2-Butoxy- phosphate (3:1) Proprietary 25987-66-0 Acrylic acid polymer Proprietary 1314-13-2 Zinc oxide Proprietary In Case of Inhalation: 4 First Aid Measures Emergency and First Aid Procedures: Note to Physician: Treat symptomatically

DIETHYLENE GLYCOL MONOETHYL ETHER 111 -90 -0 AIHA TWA:140 mg/m3(25 ppm) DIETHYLENE GLYCOL MONOETHYL ETHER 111 -90 -0 CMRG TWA:25 ppm AC GIH : American Conference of Governmental I ndustrial Hygienists AIHA : A merican I ndustrial Hygiene Association CMRG : Chemical Manufacturer's Recommended Guidelines

Safety Data Sheet acc to OSHA HCS Printing date 05/01/2020 Version 2 0 Last revision 05/01/2020 Product name:Black Glass-Filled Epoxy Powder Non-stick (Contd of page 4) 51 0 2421-28-5 benzophenone-3 3' 4 4'-tetracarboxylic dianhydride 2 000 mg/m 118-74-1 hexachlorobenzene 91 mg/m 111-90-0 Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether 450 ppm

Table III summarizes the information on the eight structurally related glycol ethers discussed here: 2-methoxyethyl acetate (2MEA) 2-ethoxyethyl acetate (2EEA) 2-butoxyethanol(2BE) 2-phenoxyethanol (2PE) ethylene glycol dimethyl ether (EGdiME) bis(2-methoxyethyl) ether or diethylene glycol dimethyl ether (bis2ME) 2-(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethanol (2EEE) and 1-methoxy-2-propanol or propylene

When you purchase a product from Dow the corresponding Safety Data Sheet (SDS) will be automatically distributed to you from our corporate distribution system The SDSs on dow are generally the latest versions available for our products and new SDSs are added on an ongoing basis However it may take several days for posting SDSs on our website More information about Safety

Safety Data Sheet

Product name : Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether Product Number : E4550 Brand : Aldrich CAS-No : 111-90-0 1 2 Relevant identified uses of the substa nce or mixture and uses advised against Identified uses : Laboratory chemicals Manufacture of substances 1 3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Company : Sigma-Aldrich 3050 Spruce Street SAINT LOUIS MO 63103 USA Telephone : +1

DIETHYLENE GLYCOL MONOETHYL ETHER 111-77-3 1 00% - 5 00% Section 4 - First Aid Measures INHALATION - If product solids are inhaled either as dust or in the form of a spray mist remove the person from exposure immediately If breathing is difficult irregular or

product identifier: scotchgard(tm) low maintenance 18 floor finish product identification numbers: 70-0713-1527-2 70-0716-8333-1 1 2 recommended use and restrictions on use: recommended use: hard floor maintenance 1 3 supplier's details: manufacturer: 3m division: commercial solutions division address: 3m center st paul mn 55144-1000 usa telephone: 1-888-3m helps (1-888-364-3577) 1 4

Automobile coatings test On June 1st 2010 the national mandatory standard in automobile industry "Limit of Harmful Substances of Automobile Coatings" (GB24409-2009) was implemented formally which means that this standard can be based on for limit of harmful substances of automobile coatings

product identifier: scotchgard(tm) stone floor protector-new and improved version 1 2 recommended use and restrictions on use: recommended use: hard floor maintenance 1 3 supplier's details: manufacturer: 3m division: commercial solutions division address: 3m center st paul mn 55144-1000 usa telephone: 1-888-3m helps (1-888-364-3577) 1 4 emergency telephone number: 1-800-364-3577 or

IBC Code following their assessment in accordance with chapter 21 of the IBC Code PPR 7/INF 17 Page 2 K:PPR07PPR 7-INF 17 docx 2 During the twenty-fifth session of the PPR Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH 25) the Working Group discussed how to review the products in Lists 2 and 3 of the MEPC 2/Circular (PPR 7/3 paragraphs 6 1 to 6 8) in

SAFETY DATA SHEET (REGULATION (EC) No 1907/2006 - REACH) Date: 28/07/2011 Page 5/6 Version: N3 (28/07/2011) Revision: N9 (12/04/2011) Name: LUBRIGLIDE-BLACK FOR EXPORT - BP1004 Company: Sanford Ecriture SAS Splashes in the eyes may cause irritation and reversible damage Acute toxicity: CAS: 111-90-0 DIETHYLENE GLYCOL MONOETHYL ETHER

ACZONE (dapsone gel) 7 5% w/w Product Information v 1 0 Page 3 of 8 Table 2 GAAS Success and Reduction in Lesion Counts at Week 12 Study 1 Study 2 ACZONE gel 7 5% w/w (N=1044) Vehicle (N=1058) ACZONE vs Vehicle P-value ACZONE gel 7 5% w/w (N=1118) Vehicle (N=112 0) ACZONE vs Vehicle P-value Global Acne Assessment Score GAAS Success


Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether 111-90-0 25 ppm AIHA WEEL N/Av N/Av N/Av Physical state: PBT and vPvB assessment : No data available Other adverse effects : No data available Handling for disposal Handle waste according to recommendations in Section 7 : Methods of disposal You must test your waste using methods described in 40 CFR Part 26 : 1 to determine if it meets applicable

Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether is an excellent solvent for the various resins paste etc ADVANCE PETROCHEMICALS LTD is selling this product in the brand name APITOL 134 Applications Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether has low setting point and low viscocity at low temperature so it is used in manufacturing Brake Fluid

6 The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether published by Junsei Chemical Co Ltd (2001) 7 The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether published by Sigma Aldrich (2012) 8 The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Bis-(3 4 6-trichloro-2-(pentyloxycarbonyl)phenyl)oxalate by

Opinion on diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (DEGEE) _____ 5 1 BACKGROUND A risk assessment on diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (DEGEE) with the chemical name 2-(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethanol and the INCI-name Ethoxydiglycol was done by a Member State (France) The risk assessment was based mainly upon data from the open scientific

Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether 01-2119475105-42 Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether Iodine 01-2119485285-30 1-Imidazole 01-2119485825-24 Full text of Hazard Statements: see section 16 SECTION 4: FIRST AID MEASURES 4 1 Description of first aid measures General Advice Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance Immediate medical

Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether 111-90-0 1 - 5 Trade Secret * Glycerin 56-81-5 1 - 5 Trade Secret * White Mineral Oil 8042-47-5 1 - 5 Trade Secret * NJ TSR 54004100000-9915P - Processed Castor Oil Trade Secret* 1 - 5 Trade Secret * NJTS or NJTSRN: New Jersey Trade Secret Registry Number *The specific chemical identity and/or exact percentage (concentration) of this composition has been

Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether Acetate Safety Regulations GHS Pictogram: Signal Word: Warning: Hazard Statements: H315 : Causes skin irritation H319 : Causes serious eye irritation Precautionary Statements: P264 : Wash skin thoroughly after handling P280 : Wear protective gloves/ eye protection/ face protection P302 + P352 : IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water P337 + P313

111-90-0 Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether 288-32-4 imidazole 7553-56-2 iodine 12 Ecological Information • General notes: Water hazard class 1 (German Regulation) (Self-assessment): low hazard to waters Must not reach sewage water or drainage ditch undiluted or unneutralized 13 Disposal Considerations • Product: • Recommendation

SAFETY DATA SHEET according to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 Glycol Ether DPM Gen Variant: SDS_GB Version 1 3 Revision Date 10/29/2015 Print Date 11/07/2016 SDS No : BE640 1 / 16 1 Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking 1 1 Product identifier Trade name : Glycol Ether DPM

Product Safety Assessment: Triethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether Created: December 12 2007 The Dow Chemical Company Page 2 of 6 Uses for Ethoxytriglycol 14 Mining 20% Other 5% Chemical Intermediate 75% Michigan Hahnville† and Plaquemine Louisiana and Seadrift† Texas Dow also has production facilities in San Lorenzo Argentina and Stade Germany • Process – TGEE is produced in


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