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Vitamin-D plays a role regulating the immune response against to viral infection In this sense vitamin-D deficiency may confer increased susceptibility to enveloped virus infection such as HIV Hepatitis Dengue and Respiratory Syncytial virus infection among others Vitamin D activity is mediated by its receptor (VDR) which acts as a transcription factor modulating the expression of genes You may want to pop more vitamin C pills as a recent study has suggested that doing so may lead to a greater reduction in the duration of the viral infection The relationship between vitamin C dosage and its effects on the duration of the common cold symptoms may extend to 6-8 grams per day Dozens

Dr Klenner and Vitamin C

Twelve grams vitamin C was given intravenously with a 50 c c syringe and then the needle attached to a bottle of 5D water containing 50 grams ascorbic acid Within 10 minutes the blood pressure was 100/60 demonstrating the effect of vitamin C on shock A second bottle of 250 c c 5D water containing one gram emivan was started in the other arm The patient was awake in 3 hours taking juice

Atsuo Yanagisawa M D Ph D Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Kyorin University School of Health Sciences states: "Patients with acute viral infections show a depletion of vitamin C Such patients should be treated by adding vitamin C via oral or IV to neutralize free radicals maintain physiological functions and enhance natural healing The Japanese College of Intravenous

Vitamin C at a dosage of 1 g/day lowered the incidence of severe and moderate asthma attacks by 89% (52% to 98% based on 3/22 vs 23/19) An RCT in former East Germany on patients with infection-related asthma found that 5 g/day of vitamin C decreased the prevalence of bronchial hypersensitivity to histamine by 52 percentage points (25 to 71 pp decrease in prevalence from 91% to 39%) The

In the video above Rhonda Patrick Ph D discusses vitamin C in-depth covering everything from its effects on immune function and viral infections to the bioavailability of different vitamin C forms and administrations such as oral or intravenous — plus much more If you have any interest in learning how vitamin C can benefit your health this video is a must-see

A study in China using 24mg dose infusions of vitamin C is underway to see if it can help fight off COVID-19 Vitamin c is known for reducing inflammatory response and preventing common cold A few studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency is related to the increased risk and severity of influenza infections Signs of low levels Generally poor immunity and increased risk of infection Skin

Quercetin and Vitamin D — Allies Against Coronavirus

Cyclists who received a daily dose of 1 000 mg of quercetin in combination with vitamin C (which enhances plasma quercetin levels 12 13) and niacin (to improve absorption) for five weeks were significantly less likely to contract a viral illness after bicycling three hours a day for three consecutive days compared to untreated controls While 45% of the placebo group got sick only 5% of the

If you have vitamin C for prevention you are much less likely to have a bad case of any kind of viral infection including COVID-19 Doesn't mean you won't get it it means that your immune system will be able to handle it and that's what your immune system does

High-dose Intravenous Vitamin C as a Successful Treatment of Viral Infections Do you know that injections of mega doses of vitamin C were successfully used in treating polio diphtheria herpes zoster (shingles) herpes simplex chicken pox influenza measles mumps and viral pneumonia in the middle of the 20th century? Most of these treatments are described in the book "Injectable Vitamin

Vitamin C plays an important role as a component of enzymes involved in the synthesis of collagen and carnitine Vitamin C intake markedly reduces the severity of a cold it also effectively prevents secondary viral and bacterial complications Vitamin C works by stimulating the immune system and protecting against damage by the free radicals released by the body in its fight against infection

The association between hypovitaminosis-A and bacterial and viral infections in humans and various species of animals has been reviewed [7-9] Many pathological mechanisms probably contribute to the increased risk of infection in vitamin-A deficiency including tissue changes and altered specific and non-specific immunity Furthermore infection itself can aggravate vitamin-A deficiency Other

2 Vitamin C Vitamin C is found naturally in a lot of vegetables and fruits and also sold over the counter as a dietary supplement According to a study published in December 2005 in 'Alternative Medicine Reviews' by Alan R Gaby a holistic medicine specialist since the 1930s doctors have known that high vitamin C intakes can fight herpes by deactivating the herpes simplex virus ()

Vitamin C dosage Determining exactly how much vitamin C to take can be difficult because different brands of supplements include different amounts and ingredients Be sure to carefully read product labels and talk to your doctor Vitamin C is water-soluble and your body doesn't store extra so it's important to get enough vitamin C on a daily basis

Red ginseng and vitamin C were treated to human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC s) or sarcoma‐associated herpesvirus (KSHV )‐infected BCBL ‐1 and administrated to Gulo(−/−) mice which are incapable of synthesizing vitamin C with or without influenza A virus/H1N1 infection

Vitamin C Shingles and Vaccination

– Intravenous vitamin C 25 000 to 150 000 mg per infusion depending on body size as frequently as daily depending on the severity of the infection Vitamin C accumulating inside viral particles can rapidly destroy viruses by that approach The spike of the

In the case of HIV viral infection was inhibited by 99% within four days according to research published by the National Academy of Sciences (It is really a tragedy that this research hasn't been followed up with a large scale human trials but the sad truth is that even though vitamin C has been shown to outperform AZT in lab studies there's no money in it So it appears that there

Vitamin C is used to prevent and treat colds and flu A viral infection depletes vitamin C levels in the body Antioxidant Protection ViralChoice C contains antioxidant vitamins and minerals that combine to help maintain a healthy balanced immune system as well as helping the body recover more rapidly after a viral infection Details Dosage (for adults and children over 10) MAINTENANCE 1

Since vitamin C protects lysine in the body lysine with vitamin C has a much stronger anti-virus effect than if either is used separately N OTE : With consistent dosing of 500-1 000 mg per hour vitamin C and lysine can also aid in more rapid recovery from viral illness

Vitamin D levels from lowest to highest: Middle East China India S EU N EU – Dec 2019 The use of high dose Vitamin D (Coimbra Protocol) for multiple sclerosis in Germany – 2019 NCAA trainers are getting on board the Vitamin D train (40-50 ng)– Nov 2019 Conception within 6 months 3X more likely if high vitamin D – Oct 2019

Vitamin C Saves Man Dying of Viral Pneumonia by Jeffrey Dach MD The Allan Smith Story – TV Documentary Allan Smith a New Zealand Dairy farmer contracted Swine Flu while away on vacation in Fiji When he returned home the flu quickly evolved into severe pneumonia which left him in a coma on Life Support in the Intensive Care Unit Chest Xrays showed the lungs were completely filled with

Vitamin C is an immune system booster that may help you ward off both bacterial and viral infections while amoxicillin is an antibiotic used to treat infections that are caused by bacteria Amoxicillin interacts with numerous vitamin supplements so tell your doctor which you use before filling your prescription

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